At 7th Heaven Scuba® we’re passionate about scuba diving. We teach scuba diving courses from beginner up to instructor. Our courses are structured for the individual and cover all ages from 10 years up, and all interest levels. So come and get your feet wet and discover the magical world of scuba diving!  Visit our fully stocked shop or shop online.

The brief

7th Heaven Scuba already had an established online store and website. Due to the limitations of technology used for these two separate sites, it was not feasible to integrate sections of the shop into the website.
The website was also not mobile ready and this needed to be addressed.
Our client wanted to be able to update the website with events, news and product specials from the online store.


Our solution



Maintaining two separate sites with different technologies became time consuming requiring multiple resources and skill sets. We decided to go with an integrated approach. The solution was to combine the online store and website into one site built on WordPress and using wooCommerce as the eCommerce section.



Integrating product specials into the main website was a major part of the brief. Using wooCommerce this functionality is available off the shelf. It also gave us the ability to have a single search engine across all website functionality. We imported text based data from the old eCommerce system saving a lot of time and resources.


Save Costs

Saving long term costs is always part of the goal and this project illustrates this brilliantly. The two major ongoing costs for any website is hosting and maintenance. Combining the eCommerce, static website and live news feed into one system not only saves the costs of hosting multiple sites, but also in the maintenance and intellectual resources needed to maintain the site in-house.


Home page

The home page is the first thing that a new visitor sees. 7th Heaven Scuba has a wide range of service offerings and displaying them all on one page can be challenging.  Have a look at the home page and see for yourself how we conquered this challenge, by simplifying the menu and creating attractive content sections that summarize and display information.


Using the wooCommerce plugin provides a multitude of advantages.  The customer can use complex products with multiple options and pricing structures.  Categorizing products provides filtering and search capabilities based on product features, brands, etc.  This site also uses the same payment gateway that the previous system used, making the changeover behind the scenes seamless from a back office perspective.


We used the portfolio function of WordPress to showcase the courses offered by 7th Heaven Scuba.  This gave us to ability to summarize and paginate the index page for courses and give each course its own page with details such as images and video.  Courses are also categorized.


Advanced event scheduling functions was needed for advertising events as well as providing detailed information on events such as location, cost, instructors, etc.  The events are categorized and each category can be viewed as a separate page.  In turn, each event can be viewed in its own page.  This also means that event categories can be added to the menu system.

News / Blog

A news feed is a great way to attract new customers to your website.  Being able to share your news, products and services to social networking sites is crucial in today’s fast paced world of internet advertising.
Using the post/blog feature of WordPress and assigning different categories and keywords to a news article our customer can separate articles based on type and content.

Mobile ready

With more than 60% of google searches eminating from mobile devices, search engines have no choice but to prioritize mobile friendly sites. Using premium themes our websites are all designed from the ground up to be mobile friendly.

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